Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why bank preapprovals are not as good as a mortgage broker's.

It's so satisfying to be able to beat the banks at their own game.
  I was in a meeting recently when it was mentioned that all preapprovals by this lender are underwritten before issued. I've known this for some time but a question came to mind. Do banks underwrite their preapprovals. When you go to a bank and fill out an application does anyone check over the numbers and your credit report and see how much you really can afford?
     I asked this question and was told that banks don't underwrite their preapprovals. This is the reason why you are preapproved for $400,000 and when you make an offer on a house for $400,000 it may be declined by the bank. If they took into account the $500 a month car payment that you have they could have given you a more accurate pre-approval anmount of $350,000.
     I should caution you. Not all lenders do this. If you are concerned you should tell your mortgage broker that you want a pre-approval that has been underwritten. This limits the number of lenders it can be sent to but you can shop with confidence with this document in hand.
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